Pool Decking

The Trusted Deck Builders Appleton WI Locals Rely On!

The Deck Builders Appleton WI Locals Trust On!

While a wooden deck adjacent to your home serves countless purposes, a pool deck offers a usable area around your pool. 

While a straightforward deck around your pool covers the water, you can customize it per your preferences. For instance, you can convert it into a seating place, add entertainment features, and have fun with your friends and family. 

However, this can only be achieved if you go for proper pool deck installation. The more appropriate the pool deck, the more beneficial it can be. Of course, you cannot think of adding features around your pool deck if you compromise its quality. 

At Deck Builders Appleton WI, we aim to offer first-rate pool decking services for your dream pool. Not only do we use quality products, but we also beautify your pool area with our skilled craftsmanship. 

No matter the design or pattern in your head, we tend to bring the best out of it to complement your property. Thousands of customers have utilized our pool decking services and are satisfied with the results – we bet you’ll be too. 

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What Is Pool Decking?

The swimming pool isn’t a hole filled with water; it’s more than that. A modern swimming pool is equipped with lights, tanning shelves, waterfalls, and grottos for additional beauty. 

Besides, if you desire to install an oasis, a pool decking makes it preeminent. 

Pool decking, or pool patio, is an area surrounding the pool. This is the place you put your tables, chairs, and other backyard furniture. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the deck creates a style and adds to the look of the entire swimming area. You can think of your pool as a cup without a saucer; the pool decking is the saucer that makes it complete; make sure you do not miss out on one.  

Pool Decking Vs. Pool Coping: What’s the Difference?

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Many individuals mistake pool decking with coping and often use them interchangeably. However, there’s a fine line between both. Pool coping refers to the cap surrounding the pool edge. The pool deck, on the flip side, is the space between the pool and the deck. It is typically made of concrete or stone. However, you can pick the material of your choice. Typically, coping materials differ from the deck material. Experts manage to implement modern pool designs for a seamless outlook nonetheless.

Different Types of Pool Decking

Selecting the deck material shouldn’t be random, nor should you choose the one you find attractive. Because the kind of deck you pick makes a considerable difference to your pool area and your overall experience, you must consider a few things before choosing one.  For instance, selecting non-slippery, heat-reflective decks is something you need to pay attention to.  Besides, choosing a non-bumpy deck material that provides a leveled surface is another thing to consider. Here are a few common deck materials professionals typically recommend. 

Although concrete deck cracks over time, it makes up for affordable and durable deck material. Besides, you have options to pick from varying upgrades and finishes. 

  • Stamped. Engineers typically pour this concrete type into slabs and then imprint them with large stamps to make different patterns. Then, colors are added to the concrete and stamps form different patterns. 
  • Brushed. The simplest deck solutions involve pouring concrete and leveling it with a broom. This makes up for a non-slippery concrete texture. However, the surface feels rough. 
  • Colored. You can always upgrade the brushed concrete by adding color to it. This is typically achieved before the concrete dries. So, if you want to create a custom look and find plain brushed concrete boring, you can go for your favorite concrete color. 
  • Textured. Professionals pour this concrete into small sections and incise it using a saw or hand. 

Wood is one of the favorite options of most homeowners, and for good reasons. It is cost-effective, requires easy installation, and looks appealing. 

Common wood decking includes teak, pine, cedar, and mahogany. Besides, you can pick from different patterns and shades.

The only downside is that it requires proper maintenance. For instance, you’d need to seal and stain it to prevent damage and color loss. 

However, you can always choose from durable wood materials that require less maintenance. For instance, cedar and pine are two low-maintenance wood options. 

If you want an elegant look for your pool deck, the tile is the way to go. They make up for a luxurious and sleek look. Besides, they are relatively easy to maintain. A wipe is all it takes to clean them. 

So while they do not compromise on the material, make sure you pick the appropriate tile for the deck. For instance, glazed tile can get slippery, and it wouldn’t be sensible to consider one for pool decking. 

Yes, your bathroom or kitchen glazed tiles might tempt you to consider one for your pool deck, but unglazed tiles can be your best bet.

Pavers are stone or concrete bricks. They are typically placed on sand or stone bases and are organized into an interlocking pattern. 

Because workers cure pavers before placement, they do not crack easily, unlike concrete. Even if they wear over time, removing and replacing them is pretty straightforward. In fact, they are among the easiest decking materials to maintain

What’s more, you’ll find several sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors to choose from.